About Esther Residence

Here at Esther Residence

Women are welcomed and assisted in adjusting to life “outside”, supported in their goal of staying sober, guided in learning new skills, and invited to new recreational activities. They cook, clean, relax, have fun, get a job, learn how to budget, pay rent and plan for their next step. Daily reflection time provides additional support and encouragement. Religious and lay women contribute their time as staff or volunteers and many friends and parishioners join our community effort and help to finance and support this needed and welcomed ministry.

To find out how to contribute to the Esther Residence, contact the Sisters at royjoanne59@gmail.com or (207)-283-0323

Voting Board Members – June 2022

Dame, Susan

Christoforo, Kim

Doyon, Denise

Sondej, Patricia

Beaupre, Roger
Dion, Donna
Giroux, Cynthia
Godbout, Lynn
Huntley, Heather
Kashinsky, Shannon
Landry, Carol
Plourde, Jennifer
Welzel, Conrad

Non-Voting Board Members – June 2022

Roy, Sister Joanne SCIM, LCSW, LADC – Executive Director
Gardner, Lucille SCIM, LCSW – Esther Residence Staff Person

Honorary Board Members:

Janelle, Simonne SCIM, BA — Esther Residence Staff Person

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