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Jacquie’s Story
Kenzie’s Story

“I have had a very nice experience at the Esther Residence. I have been here since January 12, 2010 and have experienced a lot! I have met all the goals that I set for myself except one and I am working on it. The residence is a very helpful place and the staff help with everything they know and if they don’t know, they find the answer for you. I have been sober and have my kids back in my life and it is wonderful! I learned how to quilt and have done a lot of very “adventurous” things. I’m loving the “new me” and the sober life. It’s a lot of hard work but so worth it!!” – Resident

“I am 25 years old and I was released from the Florida state prison on December 7th, 2007, after serving 2 years.  When I first moved into Esther Residence, I was insecure about being able to interact with other people, worried that I wouldn’t be able to find a job, and grieving over the loss of my mother. I don’t think I can adequately put into words all that living here has done for me. The Sisters here have loved, supported, guided, encouraged, and nurtured me when I was unable to do those things for myself. It is wonderful to be a part of, and live in place that is safe and people are non-judgemental. As I continue my stay here at Esther Residence I hope that I can help someone else, with what has so freely been given to me.” – Resident

“I am 27 years old. I’m currently staying at the Esther Residence. I have been here for about 6 months. Let me tell you a little about my story. I have been in and out of jail and prison since the age of 19. I have a serious addiction to drugs that I was never able to get a hold of. I got out of prison onto home confinement in March 2010, after being in 3 years. Getting out and back into the real world was a little scary. I overcame that fear by doing the right thing and coming to the Esther Residence instead of doing my prison sentence, and getting out and going back to my old ways. I truly believe in my heart the only reason I have made it this far, is because I came to stay at the Esther Residence. I thank God and the sisters for allowing me into their home. Since being here, I have learned a great amount. I had a hard time communicating correctly, but the sisters have taught me new skills. I knew how to bake before I came here, but never cooked. I can now cook and serve a full course meal. I have learned and now know how to hem, and put buttons on by hand. I never worked a real job, or paid my own bills. The sisters have taught me independence, so that I am able to do both. I am now working a 40 hour job; I’m tired but feel great because I’m accomplished now. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity of being in this house. Whenever I have something I want to talk to, no matter if the sisters are busy or not, they take the time out of their busy schedule to sit and talk. I am a completely different woman than I was a few years ago. I am the young woman that I was before drugs ever became a part of my life. The three sisters that live at the Esther Residence with us are amazing, understanding, loving, and caring. I don’t think I can put into words how much I appreciate them and this house.” – Resident

“This place is a HUGE reason why I’ve been able to stay clean and have learned the skills I needed while having freedom to not use. They showed me that people do care about me and want me to do good things!” – Resident

“The nuns were there to help me through it all and talk about what was going on. I felt right at home – like what I said made a difference and they listened to what I had to say.” – Resident

“They keep us accountable and give us freedom, but not too much. We earn time out rather than total freedom right off the bat. We make goals – short and long. These nuns have given the past 10 years to this house. They live there 24-7 and act as our new found family. We laugh and do things together as sober women. They help as many women as they can learn how to live clean and sober after incarceration or rehab. A lot of women get released from jail and go back to the same situation they were in when they went to jail or prison, so this is giving them a new way of life.” – Resident

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